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Featured in this newsletter

Blasphemy – Victory (Son Of The Damned) [UPDATE: SOLD OUT}

Waste Management – Tried And True LP



Blasphemy – Victory (Son Of The Damned)

By now, BLASPHEMY are basically THE cult metal band (Ross Bay Cult Eternal!6!6!6) Legend tells that fanzines and audiences at the time considered them in a different light – the drumming was grinding and the riffs were deathly – but history has them hailed as heralds of a blacker dawn. There has always been something reminiscent of punk in their delivery, a kind of blunt (BLUDGEONING) naïveté which has served in fastening them to the hallowed walls of black metal’s hallowed halls – far more dark and atmospheric than grind scum and less swanky than death metal virtuosos – which has them located in a realm not dissimilar to the South American extreme metal bands of the 80’s. The members’ monikers on Victory (Son Of The Damned) are as follows:

Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds,

Three Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity,

Caller of the Storms,

DeathLörd of Abomination & War Apocalypse,

Bestial Saviour of the Undead Legions

Simply put; Blasphemy’s music is as bad ass as it is terrifying. Seriously wild.

Also in stock are – Blood Upon The Altar demo, Gods Of War, Blood Upon The Soundspace demo.



Waste Management – Tried And True LP

Hardcore. Very hardcore. Boston hardcore. Japanese hardcore. Very hardcore. If you’ve ever heard Waste Managament, this debut long player still sounds a hell of a lot like Waste Management. There is a certain unwavering steadiness and confidence in ability which comes with years of experience, but there’s an element of subtle experimentation blended in, which mightn’t be noticed at first because - let’s face it - these cats are pros. It fucking drills and pummels like nobody’s business, and if we’re being direct there’s slamming riffs out the goddamn wazoo. Very hardcore!