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Here is the August 2018 Newsletter, emailed at the start of the month to our mailing list and sent hard copy with all instore orders.

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Featured in this newsletter

Terry - I’m Terry LP (Upset The Rhythm)

Pagan Altar - The Room Of Shadows LP (Temple Of Mystery)

Various – New Centre Of The Universe LP (Anti Fade) [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Big Supermarket - 1800 LP (Hobbies Galore)[UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Waak Waak Djungi Waak Waak ga Min Min LP (Efficient Space) [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Rapid Dye - Nurture or Destroy 7” (Paradise Daily) [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Big Cheese – Live On NWOBHC FM '18 & Sports Day '16 CS

Nightclub – Got Nightclub If You Want It (WEIRDO MAZIC)

Sleep D - Erased CS [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]


Smarts – Smart World CS [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Blast Master II [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

From The Inside by JT IV [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

No God – Strange Notes By Richie Dagger Zine

Modern Hate Vibe #6 Zine [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Martin Myer – Fun And Suffering Zine [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]


Highlight Albums



Terry - I’m Terry LP (Upset The Rhythm)

I’m Terry. Oh, you know me! There are two kinds of people in this world: not Terry, and Terry. I’m Terry.

On HQ I sung about home and place. Terry does not endorse nationalism.

On Remember, I sung about who gets to remember, what they get to remember, what memories are valued, what we need to learn to forget. Republic now please. :)

AND NOW – I’m Terry.

I’m Terry.

They are Terry. Three LPs in three years that continue to fulfil their promise of their first 7”s: one moment a witty “art” punk Wire scramble, the next moment a dumb “pub” punk oi stomper, the next a beautifully orchestrated shimmering soundscape of rudimentary melodies cascading over one another; the point being these are disparate but always succinct songs soaked in melodies, vocal harmonies that sing-song verses and terrace chant choruses, all peppered with flourishes of synths, horns and violins.

They perfected this almost immediately, and each record is a masterful fulfillment, and so… I’m Terry.

There are so few bands attempting lyrics along these lines, so it’s worth to point toward them, as this is Terry: please be kind. We are spared the righteous indignation of identity politicians, but the empathy here for those under the boot of the colony, of the fortress, of the rich and privileged, and the disappointment and disgust at the effects of what we are calling toxic masculinity informs their more aggressive lambast, and this is delivered in an overt lyricism that doesn’t disintegrate into preach or self loathing lamentation.

There’s an unbridled joy in Terry at the experience of making songs in times they are clearly contrary to, the empathy and the pleas for kindness and all that… I’m Terry is an expression of a humbling kindness, and 2018 needs more Terry!

And now, here I am, I’m Terry. As you become culturally introverted, atomized and reduced to your best versions of your selves / selfies, I move from place to memory, now I move to the very marrow of things. The I. The ME. I’M TERRY. 

I’m Terry.



Pagan Altar - The Room Of Shadows LP (Temple Of Mystery)

Formed in the late 70’s, with their debut album recorded in 1982 and not released until 1998, Pagan Altar’s output has been perfect. From the traditional doom of Black Sabbath & Pentagram & Saint Vitus, to the sparkling golden radiance of every great heavy metal era rock and roll band you can think of, to a spectral folk sound from deep, deep in the past Pagan Altar weave their spells in such a way that has immortalised them as a truly classic group. This leads us to their swan song, THE ROOM OF SHADOWS. A rock and roll record which is at times as tender as it is mighty, the songs build and climb and explode and dazzle and tell their stories in a way which takes the listener to a place we rarely visit. A place where we give things a second glance, a place where there’s nobody else around but you might be not be alone, a place where it might not seem so strange to sense magic about. And as always, Alan Jones’ guitar is absolutely superb and Terry Jones’ vocals are completely majestic. It is a sincerely beautiful album that no-one else could have written. Art adorned with gold foil gilding, plus a brilliant one sided 10” with silk screened obverse, and gorgeously printed four page insert. All come with incense sticks. Lulus will be getting copies of all their past albums soon. RIP Terry Jones. 


Various – New Centre Of The Universe LP (Anti Fade)

The best of the Anti-Fade compilations thus far is also one of the best records of 2018, a great insight into modern Melbourne / Geelong. One of the great things about it is how many tracks are recorded by the artists themselves, so the sound for each song is unique and often quite INTIMATE, but Billy has managed to find the perfect flow for a very disparate set of sounds (the songs jump from high energy power pop to psychedelic droney noise to fridge punk to alpaca garage, but it's never jarring). Highly recommended!


Big Supermarket - 1800 LP (Hobbies Galore)

The new project from Travis from The Stevens (tragic Melbourne supporter) will find itself a welcome addition to the homes of fans of The Fall, Clean(ers from Venus), etc. 



Waak Waak Djungi Waak Waak ga Min Min LP (Efficient Space)

Efficient Space is honoured to share the little-heard recordings of three Yolngu songmen from Northeast Arnhem Land - Bobby Bunnungurr, Jimmy Djamunba and Peter Milaynga (d. 2007) - working in collaboration with Victorian musician Peter Mumme. Yolngu are the indigenous peoples of Arnhem Land in Northern Territory, Australia; their clans are the Marangu and Malabirr, the languages Djinang and Gannalbingu. Their songs are of instruction, story and ceremony.


Highlight 7”s

Rapid Dye - Nurture or Destroy 7” (Paradise Daily)

Debut 7” by the most perfect hardcore band in the lands of New South Wales. Definitely destroy (destory).


Highlight Cassettes

Big Cheese – Live On NWOBHC FM '18 & Sports Day '16 CS

We at Lulu's are huge fans of Big Cheese and their distillation of the New Breed compilation NYHC highlights into NWOBHC and this tape follows their 7" which was a highlight of 2017 hardcore releases with a HUGE live set and their demo. 


Nightclub – Got Nightclub If You Want It (WEIRDO MAZIC)

A triumph in the documentation of Melbourne's sleaziest boogie band. Improves on the already amazing studio cassette in almost every way - this recording is the real NIGHTCLUB.


Portable Dogs  - S/T CS

Duo from Sweden featuring Rupert from the “dole wave pioneers” Dick Diver. Portable Dogs deliver instrumentals of dreamy pop soundscapes that disintegrate adeptly into one another and would definitely appeal to fans of Durutti Column, Eno’s another green world, any of the post wire weirdo projects. 

Sleep D - Erased CS

While most would be more acclimatised to Kikos and Syawish’s floor-ready 4/4 productions and drifting ambient collabs with Albrecht La’Brooy, Erased (a Sleep D soundtrack for Eraserhead) sees them utilising their technical versatility to create a much more unsettling atmosphere. There are rhythmic moments, but this is otherwise a largely different Sleep D to the one you think you know. Obviously, it is fitting that these be committed to tape for Altered States. 

(from Altered States)



Wretched Sydney hardcore (featuring members of Oily Boys, The No, Robber).


Smarts – Smart World CS

Billy from anti fade and Geelong Illuminati dropped 60 of this new tape and it’s sold out straight away. Last copies going. Do you lick chrome?



Highlight Mags/Books/Erotic Literature

Blast Master II

Unreal second issue of BLAST MASTER! Photos of Melbourne writings and door destruction.

From The Inside by JT IV

From the Inside is the autobiographical account of a rebellious adolescent's run-ins with—and attempted escapes from—the law, an abusive and uninterested family, the Menninger Clinic sanitarium, budding teenage sexuality, and, among the many other expected consequences of youthful deviance, the inner-workings of one’s own medicated and shifting mind. (Moniker)


No God – Strange Notes By Richie Dagger Zine
For true Germs fans. Drug fucked notes on Darby obsession. Comes with an armband. 


Modern Hate Vibe #6 Zine

An exceptional collection of interviews and writing by Bryony Beynon who moved from London to Australia two years ago and documents her experiences here in the AUSTRALIA DOES NOT EXIST issue. Excellent!


Martin Myer – Fun And Suffering Zine

Collection of sketches and drawings from Lumpy. Obscene, absurd, vulgar.