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After "Star Alliance"'s initial release as a limited six tape-box set late last year, it was apparent that there was a need for a reissue, which now comes in the form of this remastered double LP set with a selection of the best work and even a few new tracks added. The story is the same but the narrative has been sharpened. 

Over the last few years, Varg has manifested himself, not only as one of the most productive new voices in European electronic and techno music - with countless releases and projects - but also as one of the most interesting of the lot. Completely free from any concern of genre notions towards his music, he moves freely between fields and does this in such a fluent way that it is hard to think of anyone that can match him. With the music that makes up "Star Alliance", it is clearer than ever before that Varg - while being an extremely talented techno producer, at the same time is much more than that. "Star Alliance" has tracks of spacious acid standing next to heavy industrial rhythms, piercing abstract modular synth work, beautiful soundscapes, piano pieces and field recordings. And while the techniques, qualities and styles differ with almost every track, they stand perfectly together and shape a beautiful narrative. 

Thematically "Star Alliance" deals with movement. The heavy melancholia that is present throughout the entire release, reminds us that when traveling to any destination, we will have to leave somewhere else behind. 

"Star Alliance" that takes its name from a point system between airline companies has a sort of sad restlessness about it. Wherever we are traveling to, it is clear that we won't be there for long; the people are faceless and the cities nameless, The airports, night clubs and company blur, but Hilton always looks like Hilton and Ecstasy is called Ecstasy everywhere. 

Posh Isolation 160
released July 15, 2016