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Here is the March 2017 Newsletter and Calendar, emailed at the start of the month to our mailing list and sent hard copy with all instore orders.

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Featured in this newsletter:

Straightjacket Nation - S/T LP

BelgradoAus Tour 7” (UPDATE: SOLD OUT!)

Flesh WorldIdiot Convention CS


Hajime TachibanaMr Techie & Miss Kipple LP (UPDATE: SOLD OUT!)

Tuning Circuits – 30 Minutes Of My Life, A Trip Through The Audio Spectrum LP (UPDATE: SOLD OUT!)


Album Of The Month:

Straightjacket Nation - S/T LP

Straightjacket Nation LP. Intimidating and foul, ridden with feedback, lurching and slamming, screeching and boiling over. There's no hint of youthfulness here, instead lurks a fearful incarnation of hardcore punk at it's darkest and most foul. One moment disciplined, the next a sprawling chaos. Straightjacket Nation stands alone, a horrible entity carved out in stone. Mean. Strict. Remorseless. Vengeful. Harsh. SJN.


7” Of The Month:

BelgradoAus Tour 7”

We have limited copies of this tour 7” pressed by No Patience. Belgrado are a Spanish post-punk band that recall the best of the 80’s Europe underground (Siekiera) and more mainstream (Siouxie) but keeps it in the pocket of peace-punk: dark, despondent anthems. Also, check out the new No Patience tape batch – Morte Lenta, Spotting, Talc, Yarbles.


Tape Of The Month:

Flesh WorldIdiot Convention

Final recordings from Melbourne maniacals Flesh World. These songs were meant to be released over five years ago and, well.. Shit happens. Same brand of classic, mean and guitar-tweaked hardcore the band was known for. Just as sick as anything else they ever did. Thank god for bands like this.


Zine Of The Month:


The degenerate state of modern print media, struggling for relevancy in a hyper space/porn addict age, touches not a page of NUTS. Mutant imagery drips down each page, framing short stories, poetry, articles and interviews crowded with insights on the active U.S. underground. Based first in Olympia and now in NYC, the issues we stock have heavy coverage of the current New York hardcore, from Goosebumps to Nandas to Dawn Of Humans.


Second Hand Pick Of  The Month:

Hajime TachibanaMr Techie & Miss Kipple

Following the dissolution of Japanese New-Wave pioneers The Plastics, guitarist Hajime Tachibana released two albums of bizarre, rhythmic saxophone skronk. He followed those up with this – Tachibana’s deep dive into primitive sample-based electronic noodling. At times deranged and unsettling, others genuinely danceable, the record retains an unmistakable aura of goofiness that seeps through everything. Not for the faint of heart, this record remains a notable curio in the history of 80’s Japanese techno-pop.

Tuning Circuits“30 Minutes Of My Life, A Trip Through The Audio Spectrum” LP (Bootleg / No Label)
 Tuning Circuits is an especially mysterious entity in the canon of electronic music, a genre commonly associated with enigmatic presences. As TC, one deranged Dutchman named René Bakker created two tapes of industrial-infected acid with sparse vocoded vocals in 1990 before disappearing.  The second, his long-playing masterpiece ‘No Compassion’, was pressed last year to double LP by the same good samaritan responsible for this reissue and quickly sold out of Lu’s. There is little to compare Tuning Circuits to, especially given the context out of which it was born. The label that originally birthed both releases is called ‘Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics’, so that gives some indication of the kind of out-there territory TC occupies. This isn’t power electronics in the mode of balaclava-clad hyper-masculinity, rather it is music made for the most nihilistic club environment you could imagine. As opposed to the concise bursts that appear on ‘No Compassion’, ’30 Minutes Of My Life’ is four longer-form excursions into similarly unstable terrain. Opening the LP is the anthemic ‘We Rule The World’, filled with 303 squelch, malfunctioning computer sounds and the kind of unrelenting analogue rhythm you would expect after hearing R.B.'s other work. The following track, 'Creators' is similarly alien with its template of subdued claps and a barrage of tape looped noise. The vocals cutting through, due to not being as heavily processed as on his other tracks. "We are creators. Not imitators", couldn't be more apt a declaration for TC's sound and as a descriptor for whatever other-planetary race he identifies with. The B-side opens with the high-nrg 'Tuning Circuits', devolving into the short-lived, bludgeoning title-track. While a bootleg, this LP is of the highest quality, an excellently mastered reproduction of sound from an original cassette rip. Essential for fans of early Cab Volt, Severed Heads and the furthest extremities of experimental / electronic music.