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Here is the April 2020 Newsletter and Calendar, emailed at the start of the month to our mailing list and sent hard copy with all instore orders.

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Featured in this newsletter:

Big Cheese Punishment Park LP

Native Cats Two Creation Myths 7"

Savage Bliss #1

Crime Wave Tehran by Pouria Khojastehpay

Crowbar Hotel by Pouria Khojastehpay




Fuckin' weird time huh. Excuse the lack of a March newsletter - there was a lot going on. Lulu's move to our new home at 905 High St Thornbury is all but completed - we're so excited to show it to you once all of this mess is over.

We're back, with a new (three year) lease on life.

Solidarity with all who are struggling at this time - we're right there with you. We want to extend our genuine appreciation to all who have helped keep the ship afloat. To everyone who has jumped on the mail-order, to everyone who has made art for us, to everyone who hooked us up with stock and labour on tic until we could get the engine purring again - we literally couldn't do it without you. The primary goal for Lulu's has always been for it to be a community space, it's nice to know you all have our backs when we need it.

March saw the loss of too many Melbourne underground icons - both spaces and people. A Fan's Notes was where Lulu's was born: so much of it's DNA still clings to us now. We're devastated to lose it, and forever thankful for the opportunity Tamlin and everyone else there gave us. Crazy Arms was a beacon of hope in a sea of grim and profit driven electronic venues. Sasha built up something genuinely unique and beautiful in that space; a space that valued inclusion and community above all else, and we hold on to hope that he's able to find somewhere else that gives him the same trust and opportunities. Sean Baxter was a towering pillar of the Australian and international underground. His impact can not be understated. He was a wonderful person, and will be very, very missed.

Toward this uncertain future, we will continue to operate mail-order only until we feel it's safe to open the new doors. Free postage for all Australian orders. We ask that if you live outside of Melbourne that you please order more than one item if taking advantage of free shipping. Orders on the north side of Melbourne will be hand-delivered by one of our friendly staff in an effort to minimise postage costs so you've got that to look forward to.

We are practising hygienic handling of records and packing materials and we have a post office right up the street. Every measure will be taken to ensure our staff and community are safe while trying to keep Lulu's going.

Until we meet again,
- Lu xoxo


I know you‘re reading this from the comfort of your home prison right now so quit reading your clever books for a minute and drop the needle on another high quality Cheese platter. 0h heavens to HR what I‘d give to go for a walk through Punishment Park any time soon! Damn. This shit is bonkers New Breed Tape Compilation
inspawnration. I‘m pretty sure every song has like five parts minimum you could get
absolutely foolish to. The artwork is simply glorious and to be honest I have no idea what‘s going on with the lyrics but I‘m certain they‘re kinda dumb and heaps mad. The jams are pretty fast« hella slammin‘, there‘s some total cheese metal licks and the bass tone is full fresh. Special shout out to the dub echo on the snare drum and vocal phrasing on the closing track. The fuck else do you want? Maybe the best way to stretch your legs in locked the fuck down mode is pump up the volume and slam
to this shit. You definitely ain‘t got nothing better to do.
 - AC

Rough Skies

Blessed again, and just in time. Few bands releases feel quite as consistently considered as those of The Native Cats. Never a second wasted, nor element
unslaved over, their voice is one of the most unique, engaging, and resolute of the contemporary Australian underground.

This latest, a 45, sees two staples of their recent live show finally committed to disc: 'Run with The Roses" b/w "Sanremo"- The latter is a syrupy dirge; a creeping, tense track that is as a grandiose and dramatic as we've ever seen them. It's a very, very
good song.

The former is perhaps their single greatest moment to date. Everything we've come to expect from The Native Cats is there: Julian Teakle's driving, thundering bass acts as the spine upon which Chloe Escott builds form from synth and words.
Everything, but more-so. The rhythms hit harder, the synth masterful in it's restraint, slicing through exactly when it needs to and disappearing just as quickly. Chloe's lyrics are some of the best of her career.

The first time I heard the track live there was a line that made me literally gasp: quickly followed by another that produced in me the kind of shit-eating grin that only this band can. The first time I heard it on record with lyric sheet on hand I burst into tears.

Confident confide-nt and smirkingly self-referential The Native Cats have produced if not a universal trans anthem then perhaps a personal one.

Limited to 300 copies
- SE


Between producing records for his friends, writing soundtracks for and starring in films, making solo music: presenting a radio show, and touring the world in Japan's biggest band, Ryuichi Sakamoto somehow found time in 1982 to form another band with a few longtime collaborators.

B2 Units (named after Sakamoto's second solo record, released a couple of years prior), were a short lived outfit that matched Sakamoto alongside similarly-minded
pop provocateurs Hajime Tachibana (once guitarist of The Plastics, at this time peddling bizarre new wave solo sax skronk), Suzuki Saeko (free jazz drummer
turned pop idol), Jun Nagata, Mitsuru Sawamura (of YEN Records ambient project Interior), and multi instrumentalist Robin Thompson. As far as remaining
documentation would suggest, B2 Units only ever played a couple of shows, never venturing outside of Tokyo. Luckily enough, one of those shows was broadcast live
on Sakamoto's aforementioned NHK radio program "Sound Street", where it was taped by nerds like me and you and as such survives to this day.

The hour long performance goes all over the place, and every presence on the stage (or, as the case my be, in the booth) is felt explicitly at one point or another. Shimmering ambience to new jazz freakouts, fragile piano melodies and synth pop sing-alongs. More so than any group Sakamoto has been a part of, B2 Units
genuinely feels like a group of friends hanging out and playing as much for themselves and each other as any audience. A unique document, intimate and beautiful.
- SE


Savage Bliss is a film zine from Albury constructed during COVID-19 quarantine. #1 features a long form piece on Jack‘s Return Home: Get Carter and Hit Man, plus a choice selection of noir, horror, western and war films with a penchant for bloody mayhem and reckless aggression.
- DX





Pouria Khojastehpay is a Dutch/Iranian crime archivist, artist and photographer, currently living in The Netherlands. The artist was born in 1393 in Shiras, Iran before spending a large part of his childhood in a Dutch refugee camp. His new found
environment in Eindhoven later on, would have a deep impact upon him and his work. His publishing company 550BC has published two books, Crowbar Hotel and
Crimewave Tehran, and his online archives cover international criminal activity. Lulu's is the Australian stockist for 550BC.

Crowbar Hotel is the culmination of over 2 years collecting contraband smartphone photos taken in prison by incarcerated Bloods and Cribs gang members.
Photos and videos were sent in by inmates, with some content found by following their social media accounts. Most of the following content was created between 2016 and 2019 from different CDCR state prisons in California, such as Lancaster, California City, Corcoran, Calipatria, and other facilities. The incarcerated depicted are serving sentences varying from minimum to maximum, in security level one to
level four. Young gangbangers ready to prove themselves and prison-hardened gangsters that have done twenty years and counting.

Crime wave Tehran was compiled through individual submissions, research in Iranian media archives, and social media. This book provides a glimpse behind the
curtain of state-censorship and takes a closer look into the world of organized crime in Iran. A subject considered taboo in Iran and unheard of amongst many
Iranians. From battle scars and prayers, to criminal tattoos and blood spilt for gold, the Iranian criminals are united by a life in between crime and their devotion to Shia Islam. With an essay by Mahmoud Fazal.
- DX